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Faultlink International offers in-house training in the following disciplines and areas of expertise:

  • RS-232, EIA-562, RS-485
  • Modems
  • RF Planning
  • Radio Telemetry
  • Power Quality (including harmonics)
  • Lightning Protection, Earthing, & Grounding
  • Electronic Repair

Only £695.00 per class per day regardless of the number of attendees. That equates to each delegate in a group of 10 receiving top-class training for less than £70 per delegate!

Such alarmingly low rates are easily achieved by two simple facts; We come to you, and at a venue you organise. We have a list of event management companies should you require help with this.

There is now no excuse not to simultaneously train the whole team, as opposed to training the leaders/managers who are then expected to propogate second-hand information.

If a suitable course is not indicated above, then please do contact us as we have vast amounts of material and can, in most cases, create a course to match your needs.

All course material (if appropriate) is supplied on either CD-ROM or 3½" Diskettes. In the interests of the environment, no course material is printed. All material may be printed for the attendees own use, but may not form part of any other documentation or publication without prior consent.

Fee excludes travel and subsistance which is charged at cost plus a discretionary 10% admin fee (please see 'Rates' for details).

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