The initial telephone / email consultation is free! This means you do not pay while we are gathering information about the case and you deciding you want us to take it on. In brief - until you draw on our services, you do not part with a penny or cent! This makes us one of the most affordable consultancies you will ever have dealings with.

Our rate for planned work is £67.50 per hour worked. Lower rates are available for extended projects. A Premium Call-Out charge of 95.00 per hour is levied for unplanned emergency work. Please do enquire.

Our policy is to not charge for travel time. This is accomplished by using public transport allowing continued work 'on the move'. A discretionary charge may be levied if travel is extensive and/or particularly unproductive (e.g. some air travel, can only drive to site, etc.).

Travel (Air/Rail/Taxi) and subsistence (Hotel/Restaurant) is charged at cost. A discretionary 10% admin fee may be added on complex bookings. You are welcome to use your own travel agents for this purpose.

If equipment needs to be hired for the specific purpose of a consult, this will be charged at the advertised hire rate. You are welcome to hire the required equipment directly from recommended suppliers.

Training is charged per class per day, regardless of the number of attendees. A day is a maximum of 7 hours (excluding breaks). Charges are subject to the same terms and conditions.

All charges and costs are agreed beforehand. There are no hidden charges! Prices are in Pounds Sterling. Written estimations are available on request. Please note that work beyond the initial consult does not proceed without receipt of the signed job sheet or a valid purchase order number.

Of particular note to those who believe they will become long term clients is we offer a discounted flat rate if they take out a "guaranteed payment contract" with savings made possible through two main features. The first is the client guarantees to pay for any work done at the next "cheque run" of which there are at least two per month (mid and end month). The second is no invoices are raised. Payment is made on submission of a "time sheet".

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