Power Quality

Recognising Symptoms

  • Computer 'Crashes'
  • Component Damage
  • Computer Monitor Disturbances
  • Disturbed/Wavy Audio-Visual Displays
  • Unusually High or Artificial Consumption
  • Over-Heating Conductors/Switchboards
  • Unwarranted/Nuisance Tripping
  • Persistent Fuse Blowing
  • Flickering and Short Life of Lamps
  • Mains-Based Timing (clocks run fast)
  • Buzzing/Crackling Audio Systems
  • General Equipment Malfunction
  • Motor Start Problems

"Power Quality" is the science applied when standard electrical methods are unsuccessful at investigating and mitigating the damaging effects of a poor electrical supply and/or improving the quality of the supplied power.

The above are only a few examples of faults and malfunctions attributed to poor power quality and the reasons investigations and surveys are carried out.

'Bad' power is not the only reason such faults or malfunctioning can occur within complex electronic devices. It requires more than just the 'right equipment' to tell the difference.

Two avenues are available to determine if power quality issues exist:

  • You hire the power quality instrument and send files for analysis.. Click Here
  • We do the complete Power Quality Investigation, Survey, or Audit.. Click Here

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