Power Quality

File Submission Option

  • Recorded Data Analysis
  • Independent Review
  • Harmonic Filter Sizing (active and passive)

There are a number of Power Quality meters, recorders, and analysers on the market. Approved are:

  • Fluke VR101
  • Electrocorder
  • Telog Linecorders

  • Fluke 43B
  • Dranetz-BMI 658
  • Chauvin Arnoux 8334

  • Enetics PowerNode
  • Reliable Power Meters
  • LEM Topas 1000 series

      If the instrument being used is not mentioned, please enquire as we have software for many others.

FaultLink International's success at identifying and resolving PQ issues is through a world-leading approach of viewing such issues from an electronics angle rather than an electrical one.

Analysis of each and every piece of captured data is performed without reliance on automated report generators. A humanly written report is always produced together with, if requested, an automated report.

An initial investigation of a file/database is not charged for if submitted in the recognised file format of one of the above instruments. If an issue exists, the data is used to provide you with the costs to further investigate the issue and/or produce reports.

Please note:
  • If granted, the free service is limited to examination of the submitted database only. Any site work, for example connecting up instruments, producing reports, or sizing harmonic filters, is chargeable.

  • An automatically generated report and/or 'screenshot' of data from the instrument's software is not constituted as a database and will not be processed.

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