Faultlink International - fully independent and formed to supply industry's need for skilled diagnosticians capable of investigating, locating, identifying, rectifying, and/or preventing faults and malfunctions in complicated technology increasingly used in modern industry.

Successful failure investigation, analysis, and prevention is achieved by integrating a wide range of skills and disciplines, avoiding the narrow vision of specialisation. A growing world-wide client base, particularly the number of consultants and consulting companies, proves the popularity of this approach.

Our collective electrical and electronic experience, skill and know-how has created an unrivalled platform to excel in forensic analysis, troubleshooting, and mitigating problem issues in (but not limited to) the range listed under the "Services" menu.

We are not product bound. We work with what is already in place. Our broad-range expertise means we only subscribe to a policy of replacing what is installed with an alternative if agreed to be totally unsuited to the application and/or of huge financial benefit to our client.

The initial telephone / email consultation is free! Until you draw on our services, you do not part with a penny or cent! This makes us one of the most affordable consultancies you will ever have dealings with. And if we cannot help you, it is likely we will know who can.

Click Here for a handy 'line-card' of our services to print and place in your project file.

Privacy Statement: Any information given to us, including during the initial free consult, is kept in the strictest confidence. Names of clients and how we helped them will not be used in references or advertising material. No client details are disclosed to third parties unless the client expressly requests us to do so.

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